This tutorial describes a simple linear acquisition workflow, using the Dead Boot Agent and direct attached storage.

Download and Install the Controller

Evimetry is fundamentally network based, with all operations being controlled over the network by the Evimetry Controller Application.

1. Download and install the Evimetry Controller Application from the Evimetry Download Portal. You will need a valid login to download the software.

Activate license dongle

Evimetry's licensing is enabled through the use of a USB dongle. This is typically shipped without a valid license pre-provisioned, requiring the license to be downloaded to the dongle before use the first time.


The standard Evimetry License Dongle will not work if attached to a Controller instance accessed via Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) connections, due to smartcard redirection. Please contact us to discuss workarounds if this is a requirement.

1. Start the Evimetry Controller application and insert the Evimetry USB Dongle.

2. Ensure that the computer has unrestricted access to the internet.

3. Access the License Information dialog via "Help | License Information".

4. Update the license via the "Update" button.

Prepare a dead boot agent

1. Download the Evimetry Dead Boot Agent ISO Image.

2. Create a bootable CD or USB. Our tool of choice for bootable USB's is Rufus. The following settings have been tested to boot both PC and Mac hardware.

  • Partition Scheme: MBR Partition Scheme for BIOS or UEFI Computers.
  • File System: FAT32