The Evimetry filesystem bridge has been configured to mount the path "g:\TestObjects\AFF4\Standard\" under the path "G.T.A.Standard" on the bridge drive ("W:")

The path "\G.T.A.Standard" is a unique abbreviation of the source repository path.

Source repository

This is the root of the source repository.

AFF4 images (with extension ".af4") are visible under the local filesystem. Note here the regular filestem folder named "StrippedImages" and the AFF4 images named "Base-Allocated.af4", "Base-Linear.af4" & "Base-Linear-ReadError.af4".

Filesystem bridge repository

This is the source repository translated on-the-fly by the filesystem bridge.

The AFF4 containers are transparently represented as folders. Non-AFF4 files and folders are unchanged.

Under the AFF4 container virtual folder, the image is made available as a raw file.