This page describes important tasks in bootstrapping the usage of Evimetry.

Download and Install the Controller

The Evimetry Controller Application is the central point creating and managing the Evimetry System.

1. Download the Evimetry Controller Application from the Evimetry Download Portal. You will need a valid login to download the software.

2. Install the Evimetry Controller Application.

Potential AV Issues On windows, the Evimetry Controller installer unpacks to the temp directory and runs a number of sub-installer packages, such as the MSVC Runtime library. Some AV software mistakes this this as malware dropper activity. If you are having problems running the installer, try reinstalling with your AV suspended.

Activate license

Evimetry's licensing is enabled through the use of a USB dongle. This is typically shipped without a valid license pre-provisioned, requiring the license to be downloaded to the dongle before use the first time.

Read more about Licencing

Tune the Filesystem Bridge

The Evimetry Filesystem bridge provides high speed access to AFF4 images from your current tools, and is installed along with the Controller. To aceive optimal speeds, it stores some information persistently on your system. It is highly recommended that this data is stored on a relatively un-contended SSD or NVMe drive.

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