Licencing Overview

Evimetry uses four methods of licence management:

  • SmartCard Dongle: Flexible, remotely updatable licencing. Limitations around Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) usage.
  • Rockey Dongle: Interoperates well with RDP, but not remotely updatable.
  • Soft Dongle: Dongle-free licences bound to a specific computer running the Controller. Requires ongoing internet connectivity for validation.
  • Detached licences: Dongle-free licences bound to a specific Deadboot USB device..

Remote Desktop Services. If you use a Windows Remote Desktop (RDP) connection to access a remote computer running the Evimetry Controller, on connecting the standard Evimetry Smartcard License Dongle will be disconnected from the Controller's Window session. This is due to the design of the Windows Smart Card remote login functionality.

Licence sharing

Dongle based licences are used by plugging the dongle into a Deadboot agent or Controller. From there, the licences are shared over the network to any connected Agents or Controllers. For one-off acquisitions dongles are plugged directly into the suspect device for licencing the running Deadboot agent.

Soft-dongle based licences are primarily for evaluation purposes, and are bound to a particular computer running the Controller. The licences in the soft dongle are shared over the network to any connected Agents or Controllers.

Detached licences are time-limited licences bound to a specific Deadboot USB storage device. These are used for dongle-free acquisitions using the Imager or Collector workflows.

Activating & updating a smartcard license dongle

This is the most common Evimetry dongle, due to its flexibility around remote provisioning. We typically ship these dongles without a valid license pre-provisioned, so a license must be downloaded to the dongle before use the first time.

Licence updates are applied to the dogle in the same way.

1. Start the Evimetry Controller application and insert the Evimetry USB Dongle.

2. Ensure that the computer has unrestricted access to the internet.

3. Access the License Information dialog via "Help | License Information".

4. Update the license via the "Update" button.

Activating a rockey license dongle

This type of dongle is shipped pre-activated, so you need do nothing to use it.