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Evimetry Community


Evimetry Comunity provides basic AFF4 acquisition, verification, conversion, and access on the Windows OS.


Acquire faster than anything else.

Evimetry Community allows you to create linear AFF4 images on your Windows based forensic analysis workstation.

Access AFF4 images from your regular toolkit.

Evimetry’s physical images are simply accessible from your current forensic toolset (even partial images), using our freely available filesystem bridge. Or if you prefer, convert into existing format in the time it takes to copy an image from an evidence drive to an analysis workstation.


Compare Evimetry Community.

Evimetry Community provides a reduced set of functionality of the Evimetry system for free. Compare the features of Evimetry Community with our paid offerings below. Prices are in US Dollars.

Community   Advanced Imager   Responder
Free   $1,200   $2,500
Free AFF4 interopability   Live analysis & multi destination bare metal acquisition.   Local and remote accelerated acquisition & live analysis.
Dead boot single destination acquisitions -    
Dead boot multi-destination striped acquisitions -    
Remote network control of acquisition operations -    
Remote Live agent network based operations (Windows, Linux, OSX) -   -  
Remote in-cloud evidence storage agent -   -  
Concurrent advanced acquisitions 0   2   2
Remote Volatile Memory acquisition (Windows, MacOS, Linux) -    
Complete Physical Disk acquisition    
Partial Physical acquisition of allocated only -    
Partial Physical acquisition (profile based) -    
Convert AFF4 to EWF & RAW    
Mount local images as virtual file or disk    
Mount remote images as virtual file or disk -    
Node to node image transfer -    
Communications encrypted with strong TLS 1.2 crypto -    

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