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What's new in Evimetry 3.2



Broad hardware support.

We now provide two Deadboot flavours. One with support for the newest hardware and a graphical user interface. The other supports older legacy hardware with a console user interface. Whether you are dealing with the newest EFI based Mac's* or old servers you are covered.

scale imaging across multiple devices
scale imaging across multiple devices

Simpler deadboot creation.

Deadboot USB drives can now be created in a snap within the Controller, with no third party tools needed. With a single hard drive serving both as an Evimetry Deadboot and Evidence Repository, scarce USB ports are freed up on suspect devices, workflow is simplified, and the number of devices to manage limited.



Dongle-free acquisitions.

For low port count laptops and single-computer acquisitions licencing via dongle can be inconvenient. Provision an Imager Deadboot with a dongle-free licence in a few mouse clicks and start acquiring without a dongle.

Configure a collector for prioritized acquisitoin.
Configure a collector for prioritized acquisitoin.

Low-interaction targeted acquisition.

With Evimetry Collector configure a Deadboot with an acquisition profile and boot the suspect computer into the deadboot. After that no further interaction is necessary. Acquires the highest priority data in the least time and all the data when time permits. Evimetry Collector is a included with Evimetry Advanced Imager and higher licences.

Watch a video of Collector in action.


Visually muted targeted acquisition.

The Collector Black user interface provides a simple muted user interface for Evimetry Collector for use in low light environments.

scale imaging across multiple devices

scale imaging across multiple devices

Deeper metadata acquisition.

More metadata from suspect disks is preserved. For USB attached disks, the VID & PID of the bridge is preserved, and for drives attached to modern USB bridges, the serial number of the disk is recorded (as opposed to the serial number of the USB bridge).


* With the exception of T2 Security Chip equipped Macs where FileVault is enabled.


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