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Reduce Acquisition Costs

Cut hours of waiting by acquiring faster and enabling more concurrent acquisitions.

Less time waiting for acquisitions to complete.

Evimetry cuts hours from acquisition times of SSD, NVMe, SAN and RAID systems, for traditional linear bitstream imaging. For example, an 1TB Macbook Pro can be imaged and verified in under 50 minutes.

Less time managing evidence.

Evimetry's multi-destination images copy into your in-lab evidence storage faster. On fast storage like RAID and SAN's, AFF4 images verify many times faster than traditional images.

Works with your regular toolset.

Evimetry's AFF4 images simply accessible from your regular forensic toolset without any need for conversion.


All the features of Imager.

Evimetry Responder contains all of the features of Evimetry Imager.

Acquire remote computers without travel.

Ship a boot disk and evidence storage drive to a remote location, and have it phone home to the lab. Control the acquisition remotely.

Acquire more devices at once.

Streamlined acquisition of multiple local and remote multiple devices managed from a single pane. Comprehensive documentation is collected by default.


Travel-free forensics.

Respond to incidents immediately by pushing the live agent to Windows, Mac and Linux-based live computers. Remote live analysis and acquisition of Physical Disk and Volatile memory.

Less time waiting for acquisitions to complete.

Acquiring across WAN links is slow. Position evidence storage in locations close to target computers faster and more reliable acquisitions. For example, spin up an instance of the cloud agent in the same datacentre as a target server, or ship an appliance instance of the dead boot agent to a branch office.

Acquire it right the first time.

Acquring across WAN links with existing solutions is unreliable, with dropouts causing the entire image to be lost. Complete acquisitions using reliable data center or branch office networks, and transfer the completed image in your own time.


All the features.

Evimetry Responder contains all of the features of Evimetry Remote and Evimetry Advanced Imager.

Fastest local forensics.

Evimetry is the world's fastest forensic imager. Evimetry Imager facilitates rapid acquisition of raw storage and storage found inside computers.

Fastest remote forensics..

Evimetry Remote enables rapid and reliable acquisition and analsysis of live computers. Supports Linux, MacOS, and Windows, on the LAN, across a WAN, or in the Cloud.